The Management Committee is formed of HLTTV officers and ordinary members in accordance with the rules of our constitution. The Committee meets on the second Tuesday of February, May, August and November, find out more in our Event Calendar.

Read our Committee Charter and view Committee position descriptions.

HLTTV Committee Charter HLTTV Committee Charter (143 KB)

Committee Roles and Responsibilities - Summary Document Committee Roles and Responsibilities - Summary Document (672 KB)

David Pidgeon Vanessa Scott
Belinda McLeod-Smith
Maarit Moilanen
David Pidgeon
Vanessa Scott
President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Membership Officer
0414 582 945

0400 190 356
0450 354 905
0417 384 974
email Belinda email Maarit email David email Vanessa
Ordinary member Ordinary member/ Media & communications
Ordinary member
Ordinary member

Martina McArdle Adam Miller
Sam Ira
0409 957 492 0416 198 119
email Martina
Megan O'Leary
Jon Rolfe Vacant
Graeme Klemm
Megan O'Leary
Second Chance
Task Force
Patient Support Circulator Editor Social Work Assistant
0432 845 662 0421 327 096 03 9076 3600
email Jon email Megan