Volunteering Opportunities

Financial and Social Support Booklet

The HLTTV is seeking someone who can put together information about avenues of financial and social support which is available for people post-transplant or who are on the waiting list (and their families, carers).

We have currently collected information about available services, and require a volunteer who can:

  • edit the existing information into a user-friendly format for our website
  • conduct a short search for additional services to ensure no information has been missed

It is anticipated that this job would take a maximum of 10 hours, and there is currently no deadline for completion. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our President.

Email: president@hlttv.org.au

HLTTV speakers

The HLTTV is always looking for transplant recipient volunteers to be part of our speaking roster for the pre- and post-transplant education sessions at The Alfred hospital. The sessions are very informal and involve sharing your personal transplant story and some basic information about the HLTTV with people who have been recently transplant, people on the waiting list, and their carers.

Sessions are held during the day on a Wednesday, so this volunteering opportunity is best suited to people who are not working, working part time, or those with a flexible work schedule.

If you are interested in being a speaker with the HLTTV, please contact our Patient Support Officer.

Email: patientsupport@hlttv.org.au.

Buddy program

We are looking for people post-transplant to volunteer for our new buddy program. People who are waitlisted for transplant will be given the option to take part in the program and be matched with a volunteer 'buddy'. This initiative aims to assist those pre-transplant with answering any questions or concerns they may have around the transplant process, and to provide moral support by sharing your own experiences.

If you'd like to become a buddy, please contact our Patient Support Officer.

Email: patientsupport@hlttv.org.au.