What is a bequest?

A bequest is an instruction in your will to leave a gift (money, property or other asset) to a specific person, organisation or charity. We recommend that you seek legal advice when writing your will, and discuss the instructions you are making in your will with your relatives or loved ones.

Changing a will

Thankfully, making or revising a will is neither difficult nor expensive. It is essential that you have a will. Surprisingly, many do not. If you have already made your will, you or your solicitor can easily add Heart and Lung Transplant Trust (Victoria) Inc. through a short legal amendment to your existing will (also known as a codicil).

Types of bequests

There are three types of bequests:

  • a set amount of money (pecuniary bequest)
  • A residue or a % of the residue of your estate once other bequests have been made (residuary bequest)
  • A specific asset, eg property, art works, shares (specific bequest)

For many donors, the residuary bequest is the most popular.

Download suggested wording

Sample Bequest Wording Sample Bequest Wording (483 KB)

Charitable and organisational status

Registered with Victorian Registrar of Incorporated Associations A0037327C

ABN 68 585 966 022

Recognised by Australian Tax Office as:

  •   a health promotion charity
  •   a Deductible Gift Recipient covered by Item 1 in section 30-15 of ITAA 1997
  •   Income Tax Exempt Charity
  •   GST Exempt

Making a bequest - next step

We would be most grateful, once you have confirmed your intent, to advise us of your decision.