Being an in-patient

Admission and discharge

For your assessment admission you must report to the admission office on the 2nd floor at the time advised by your clinic coordinator. You may choose to be admitted as a public or private patient. Staff in the Admission and Discharge office can help you in deciding which is the most appropriate type of admission for you.

Discharge is normally arranged in conjunction with you and your relatives to take place before 11 am, so the bed may be available for another admission later that day. Your doctor and Primary nurse will plan your discharge with you and your family.

What to bring

Your own night attire, slippers and dressing gown. The hospital is centrally heated so summer attire is adequate.

  • casual clothes, for example, tracksuits to wear during the day
  • your personal toiletries, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush
  • your Medicare card, hospital insurance book, pension or health benefit card
  • details of any allergies
  • details of medications you are currently taking

The hospital cannot accept any responsibility for your valuables. It is best to leave jewellery and other valuable items at home.

Enquiries about your health

Your family and friends will want to know how you are during your stay with us. They are welcome to phone The Alfred on (03) 9076 3159 or (03) 9076 3160.

Please discuss the most suitable time to visit with the nurses on the ward. It is advisable to keep visitors to minimum while you are in hospital as many patients are in a highly immune-compromised state after transplant, and wards also have designated rest times during the day. Your visitors may mean well, but keep in mind that certain types of flowers may not be suitable while you are recovering from transplant – advise visitors to check with your ward nurses. We ask that your visitors respect the rest period and your recovery time, as it's important for your ultimate wellbeing.

Public telephones

Public telephones are located throughout the hospital for patient and visitor use. Please ask your ward clerk for the phone located closest to your ward.


A bedside telephone can be hired for a small charge.


Currently there is no free wireless internet access (wifi) via the hospital networks.

Mail/TV and publications

Mail is delivered daily. It is helpful if your ward number is included on mail addressed to you. Outgoing mail can be posted using the PostMart (combined Australia Post/supermarket) located on the ground floor opposite the pharmacy. Newspapers and magazines are sold on a daily round. Television hire is controlled by HTR. Hiring and payment can be made over the phone by calling 1800 063 829.

Alf's Cafe

Alf's Cafe is located in the retail area on the ground floor near the main entrance.

Interpreter Services

Qualified and accredited interpreters are available to assist you and hospital staff with communication if you do not speak English as your first language. The Alfred also offers support in regards to your particular cultural care needs. Please discuss with staff if an interpreter is required and/or you have specific cultural care requirements.

Pastoral and spiritual care

The Alfred's Pastoral Care Department provides care to all patients, family and staff within the hospital community and acknowledges and understands the difficulties with being in hospital, trauma and ongoing illness. Pastoral care staff aim to respond to the diverse emotional, spiritual and religious concerns and needs of all people and to support patients and those who care for them. The Alfred’s Spirituality Centre is on the ground floor in the Linay Pavillion. It is always open and is an area for private prayer, reflection and stillness for all. There is an ablutions room for ritual washing and male and female Muslim prayer spaces. You can contact Pastoral Care by calling (03) 9076 3138 or ask staff to make contact for you.

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